Humeds Practitioners Platform

One of the key features is the Humeds Practicioners Platform which enables medical professionals and practitioners to track, analyse and act upon multiple patients’ ECGs.


Built to keep you connected with your patients

Humeds Practitioners Platform has been developed specifically around the needs of medical professionals, doctors, and cardiac specialists. This is freely available for all medical professionals and, through a variety of powerful features, allows the heart data from many individual patients to be tracked, analysed and acted upon.

With the patient’s consent, the platform connects with the patient’s Humeds device and captures all readings. An unlimited number of separate patient profiles can be created, and specific or periodic ECG recordings can be tracked and analysed. Medical professionals can quickly interpret individual recordings through a variety of visualisation features to allow for fast and effective diagnosis.

Humeds automatically identifies areas of concern using its machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, thereby providing an early warning system for medical professionals and allowing for a far higher number of patient ECG recordings to be analysed.

The platform lets medical professionals share both specific and multiple recordings, either through the platform itself or via email, where additional medical opinions are required. Further communication features, such as instant messaging, enable direct contact with the patient, either for reassurance or, for example, to request a direct consultation where an issue of concern is identified.

Technical specifications

  1. ECG signal monitoring, recording, analysis, and transmission
  2. 3 leads, 4 dry electrodes
  3. Built-in advanced signal filtering
  4. Pre-processing algorithms
  5. Machine learning
  6. Lead off detection
  7. A/D resolution: 18 bit
  8. Sampling rate: 250 Hz (up to 2 kHz)
  1. Frequency response: 0.05 – 150 Hz
  2. Rechargeable battery supporting one year of regular use with one charge (based on 1 recording per week)
  3. Clinically validated
  4. Dimensions: 145 x 70 x 15 mm
  5. Weight: 95 g (with battery)
  6. Input Voltage: 4.5 to 7.5 VDC
  7. Input Current: 0.1 to 1.2A