Getting started is easy

1. Get Humeds


2. Download App





3. Record an ECG



Simply connect Humeds to your phone (by touching it via NFC or connecting it via Bluetooth), place it against your chest and start recording your ECG. Humeds monitors, tracks and analyses your 3-lead ECG signal on your mobile app in real time. It reacts to any occurring arrhythmias in a matter of seconds.

4. Save or Share Results



Your ECG signal is automatically processed via the Cloud and made available immediately. Save your results and improve your analytics or share your results with family members and medical professionals automatically through customised profiles.

Don’t wait to see the doctor

In too many cases, people put off seeing their medical professional even though they sense something isn’t quite right. By the time they get to see someone, the symptoms have gone. Humeds fits in your pocket and works, discretely, within 30 seconds. It allows you to capture that moment when you feel something is wrong and share it with an expert.

Take a medical-grade ECG anytime, anywhere

Switch on your Humeds device and open the App on your phone. Place Humeds against your chest and start recording. You will see the results instantly. Within 30 seconds, you will have a medical-grade ECG recording. It’s that simple!

Humeds learns about you

Powered by Humeds' machine learning algorithms, the app will build a picture of your heart’s health over time. As more data is collected, advanced analytics will unveil vital intelligence and actionable insights that can help your Doctor to provide the right care, or your athletics coach to improve your training routine.

Humeds Screens

Humeds tells those that need to know

Thanks to its sophisticated messaging system, Humeds lets you create individual profiles to keep those that need to know right up to date with a variety of report types. Whether it is the loved ones who share your concerns, the medical professionals who want to track your progress and be alerted in case of any abnormal signs, or even your athletics coach who is looking to improve your performance, Humeds takes care of it all automatically.