The world’s most advanced portable ECG monitoring solution

Humeds attains medical grade signal quality in monitoring your heart by detecting its three lead signals. It achieves this in a small portable device that you can use anywhere without the need for messy gels or wires, giving you peace of mind and providing vital early warning of any problems.

Combining the latest in IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Humeds successfully identifies signals that lead to the identification of 99% of all arrhythmias. Its sophisticated messaging keeps both loved ones and medical professionals up to date automatically. Its advanced analytics engine reveals previously unavailable information about your heart’s health and, should you need treatment, ensures that you get it fast!

Humeds learns! Over time, it builds sophisticated intelligence around the health and performance of your heart. For sports enthusiasts and athletes, Humeds offers next-generation heart rate tracking, allowing a more sophisticated approach to health and performance.



  1. Beautifully designed and small enough for your pocket
  2. No preparation needed
  3. Early detection of symptoms
  4. Uses dry electrodes – no messy gels and wires
  5. Fast (30 seconds) and simple to use
  6. State of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence
  7. Works on all skin types and without a need to shave
  8. Automated messaging and multiple profiles*
  9. Advanced analytics*
  10. Store your heart data over time to reveal greater insights*

* Requires Premium subscription

Humeds: Keeping hearts healthy

Humeds is a hand-held device that records a 3-lead ECG signal and allows for the diagnosis of over 99% of all known arrhythmias.

Humeds uses advanced algorithms and applied machine learning to detect and diagnose arrhythmias with 99.6% accuracy.

Humeds is simple to use, anytime and anywhere, even by children. The whole procedure is discrete and lasts only 30 seconds. The clinical quality of the captured 3-lead ECG (for heart rhythm disturbance detection) has been shown to be as good as with 12-lead Schiller ECGs, within margins of statistical error, and confirms that Humeds can be used for fast recording and cardiac rhythm interpretation of the ECG signals required by medical experts.